Naches River Retrievers

My name is Michelle Orser and my husband is Brandon.  We are small hobby kennel located in the Naches Valley in Yakima, WA.  We have 2 young boys, and we both work in the Agriculture Industry.  Our family enjoys fishing and camping on the Naches River with our 4 Labrador Retrievers. 
We got our first lab back in 2007, and added our second lab in 2012.  Both of them were great dogs, but suffered with allergies, arthritis, and a multitude of structural issues.  This led us to dive a little deeper into the health of the Labrador Retriever and what was important in order to find a high quality, healthy, sound dog.  We did some homework, and found a local breeder, Anne Swindeman at WindyCanyon Labs .  She helped us to understand the health testing and genetics that are so very important to produce healthy, good quality dogs.  We got Macie from  WindyCanyon Labs in 2013.  In 2016, we jumped at an opportunity to lease Macie back to Anne in return for a puppy.  That is how we got our foundation dog for our own breeding program, Mako.  We spent 5 years working side by side with Anne, learning all that we could, so we were able to produce quality Labradors, with an all-around good temperament, drive, and health.
In the Fall of 2018, we got our opportunity to breed Mako.  Mako whelped 9 beautiful puppies, and we kept the first girl under our kennel name, appropriately named “Keeper”.  We currently have 3 generations of Labradors that share our home.
All of the dogs in our breeding program have been certified by OFA for hips, elbows, and heart.  They are all examined by an ACVO for eye clearances annually.  Each breed stock dog also has DNA testing completed for EIC, PRA (prcd form), CNM, RD/OSD1, and HNPK.  Each one of these conditions are inherited recessively, so we ensure that at least one parent is clear of each of these, prior to breeding.  All breed stock are also tested for the dilute gene (via D-Locus test).  We have a high passion for continuing to work to produce sound, high quality Labradors.   
We enjoy running AKC obedience, rally, and hunt competitions with all of our dogs.  Our girls really enjoy being in the ring, as well as running for the marks at hunt tests.  In the Winter months, they enjoy going hunting with Brandon and our boys.